10 Science-Backed Secrets to a Happy Marriage

It turns out happily ever after can also translate to healthier ever after as married couples enjoy all types of physical and mental health benefits. Studies show marriage can help protect against heart disease and stroke and that those who say “I do” have lower levels of cortisol (aka the stress hormone). Married people even have a […]

Between the Pages: Books With Fascinating Fictional Marriages

The most intriguing stories of marriage don’t always happen under the covers, but rather, between them. In many ways, the arc of a marriage parallels that of a compelling novel — it begins with a meeting, climaxes with a coupling and ends with, well, an end — whether because of death or a fight over […]

7 Things Women Should Know About Divorce Before Getting One

This column often focuses on how to keep marriage hot, but the truth is not all women are in relationships that will last. This time of year—January through March—is known as “divorce season” because it’s when most couples file for dissolution of marriage in court. For women considering divorce, here are seven things to know […]

Sexy Resources, Classes and Retreats for Couples

Women and men of the North Shore long to have a better connection with their partners, but they don’t always know how to go about it. Here’s a list of resources ranging from websites to exotic retreats that can help revitalize your relationship and make life more exciting. Sexy Website: GetLusty.com Founded by Chicagoans Erica […]

How to Talk to Your Man

Here’s a surprise: Men are needier than women when it comes to intimacy. Women often get emotional support from other women—friends, mothers and daughters, for example. Men, however, crave intimacy and affirmation from their spouses, because according to a recent Chicago Tribune article, it’s the only place they get it. And after speaking to a […]

3 Ways to Deal With Differences in Desire

Does this scenario sound familiar? Kate and Jim are settling onto the couch, finally able to relax after a long day. “Hey,” Jim grins. “Wanna have sex?” Kate looks at him with exasperation. She loves her husband, but she just sat down and, unfortunately, nothing about her is pulsating with desire. “Not really,” she answers […]

Sex in the Suburbs

If you and your husband are past your 10th anniversary and have kids, I’m pretty sure there are two problems with your sex life: 1) No privacy and 2) No variety. Today I’m putting on my love doctor lab coat and giving you an important prescription. Book yourself a hotel room. First of all, you […]