You Said It: Japan’s 3.11 and the Road to Recovery  

Japan holds a very special place in my personal and professional life. I have walked the Nakasendo, hiked the Michinoku Coastal Trail; paddled the mangroves of Amami and Iriomotejima; climbed Mt. Fuji; bathed in countless onsen and sento for my book, “The Way of the Japanese Bath”; documented the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics in the […]

How to Help: Fight Climate Change by Supporting These Top Chicago and National Organizations Working to Protect the Environment

Protecting the planet for future generations is a cause we all have a responsibility to support. The threats posed by climate change can be overwhelming, but experts remain hopeful that our environment can still be healed. In honor of Earth Day (April 22), we’re highlighting individuals and organizations in Chicago and nationally that are focused on fighting […]

Author Paola Gianturco Brings Female Environmental Leaders to the Forefront in her New Book — Written With her Granddaughter

It has been shown that women are especially effective leaders when it comes to combating global warming. Christiana Figueres and Tom Rivett-Carnac, architects of the 2015 Paris Agreement, report that “Nations with greater female representation in positions of power have smaller climate footprints. Companies with women on their executive boards are more likely to invest […]

Loyola Leading for Good: 2022 Innovator in Social Business Awards Puts a Spotlight on Corporate Good and Sustainability

In its third year, the Innovator in Social Business Awards — held on May 26 as part of Loyola University’s Baumhart Center Leading for Good 2022 — recognized three organizations doing the work to address social needs in their chosen sectors and communities. Those companies and their respective awards include: Impact Shares, the Social Impact […]