Whole Grilled Trout

Grilling season is at its height, but it’s easy to tire of steaks and burgers. Fish is easy to grill, very healthy and tastes wonderful. Here is a very simple grilled trout recipe to try the next time you feel like grilling. I look for whole trout with very bright eyes, which indicates freshness. I […]

Backyard Barbecued Ribs

  Labor Day marks the sad end of our beloved summer, so why not make the most of the holiday with a backyard barbecue? Our family loves ribs, so years ago I came up with a tasty rub and quick barbecue sauce that pleased us all. When we moved to Highland Park in 1985, a […]

Fire Up the Grill 06-25-2012

Is there a lovelier smell than dinner sizzling on the grill? We don’t think so. When it’s hot and steamy out, avoid turning on your oven, and instead fire up the BBQ. Whether you use charcoal, wood or propane, we’ve got lots of easy, but delicious ideas for dinner. Plus, if you need grilling tips, […]

Last Chance to Grill

Labor Day might be over, but you don’t have to put away your grill yet! Here’s a round up of our favorite recipes that put your grill to good use. Cuban Tortilla Sandwiches Recipe The traditional pork and Swiss, but grilled like a quesadilla. Yum and easy. Glazed Grilled Salmon Recipe A classic, but can’t […]