Beyond Navy Pier: Let Chicago Dazzle Your Summer Visitors

After you and your guests have toured the Chicago River by boat, spent hours in the hallowed halls of the Field Museum, and braved the crowds at Navy Pier, what’s next? Here are 12 ideas guaranteed to make you and your guests fall in love with summer in Chicago all over again. Chicago SummerDance Dance […]

What’s Happening this Summer: Lake Geneva

Known for its natural beauty and gorgeous lakefront estates, Geneva Lake is dotted with small towns loaded with personality. Time your visit and you’ll not only enjoy the area’s permanent attractions—Lake Geneva beach and the 21-mile Geneva Lake Shore Path among them—but also these standout summer events: June 12 – 13: 10th Annual Paint-In Not […]

Bird Dog Plank

If you dislike crunches, here is the core exercise for you. The Bird Dog Plank works the neck and back muscles along with the chest, abs, glutes and hamstrings. The isometric contraction of the abdominal muscles strengthens your core, which not only makes you look better, but also improves your posture, fine tunes your balance […]

Getting Guys Out into the Wild: Macho Male Trips

There are as many reasons for guys to travel together as there are places to go:  thrill seeking, personal challenge or just good, old-fashioned bonding time.   Come travel with these North Shore fellas on their journeys of Manly Mayhem. Peter Heck, of Glencoe, made his first foray into buddy travel with a windsurfing safari/bachelor […]

Best Friends

Tolbert Chisum met Stedman Graham in the late 80s at the Crosby Golf Tournament in North Carolina. Tolbert’s employer, Aetna Insurance, sponsored the tournament. Stedman was living and working in North Carolina and on the board of the host organization. They met because Tolbert’s wife, Carrie, wanted to meet Stedman’s girlfriend, Oprah. Because Tolbert was […]

Hey, Batter Batter!

What to do? You’ve spent $57 on Dippin’ Dots, cotton candy and hot dogs. Even your iPhone can no longer entertain the kids. And it’s only the second inning. Sound familiar? Just because you’ve spent $200 (if you’re lucky) on seats, doesn’t guarantee your kids are going to have fun at a sporting event. After […]

Buying a Second Home

We all know the downside of the lagging real estate market is that many of our houses are worth less than they were a few years ago. But, the upshot is that if you’re in the market for a second home—for a vacation getaway, an investment property or a pied-a-terre—there are certainly some deals to […]