Now and Zen–Meditation Space Just Steps Away

Ask any woman—it could be 14-hour work days or 14 trips back and forth to a child’s golf camp—we could all benefit from a few minutes of solid meditation. The practice is good for the body and the soul, accomplishing everything from boosting the immune system to relieving stress and promoting better sleep. To truly […]

Lighting Rules for North Shore Homes and Gardens

We love our gardens. From tiny window ledge herb gardens to pottage layouts worthy of a Nancy Meyers film; you can find these and everything in between on the North Shore. While most gardeners love choosing plants and spend hours with their landscape designer or their shovel, few focus on lighting their property and gardens. […]

Susie's (Not So) Secret Garden

From the Garden of Eden to the hanging gardens of Babylon, mankind has long appreciated a good garden. Fortunately, one need not channel King Nebuchadnezzar to cultivate an outdoor space. As the rise in container gardening illustrates, where there’s a will (or a terrace), there’s a way. Fortunately, many North Shore homes stand on large […]