Stewards of a Historical Gem: How the Sweetwater Music Hall Was Re-invented as a Nonprofit to Preserve a Legendary Venue

Sometime around 2010 a group of people with an insatiable love for Mill Valley and its history of housing legendary music began work to assure the iconic Sweetwater Music Hall – a homey gathering spot for local and nationally renowned musicians alike – would live to see another day of providing a safe haven for […]

From Olympic Gold to Solid Ground: At Home in Mill Valley With Basketball Champion Jennifer Lynn Azzi

As we gear up to watch the Tokyo Olympic Games, and in honor of the Olympic spirit, Mill Valley Living is excited to be featuring the Hardiek Azzi family: Jennifer Lynn Azzi – a 1996 Olympic Gold Medalist in Women’s Basketball and current Associate Vice President, Development at University of San Francisco – and her […]

Dream Weaver: Mill Valley Designer Rebecca Bruce on the Power of Fashion

Nestled on the shores of Richardson Bay — between the recognizable, bright yellow seaplane and The Planet, a favorite destination of curious Mill Valley children — Rebecca Bruce inspires, conceives, and creates one-of-a-kind garments. Within our vibrant, eclectic community of dynamic leaders, including healers, bankers, musicians, entrepreneurs, teachers, artists and authors, Rebecca has been gracing […]

How Mill Valley Native and Eco-Warrior Rebecca Wunderlich is Making an Impact With her Zero Waste Classroom

Rebecca Wunderlich, born and raised in Mill Valley, is an eco-warrior doing all she can to spread the word about the importance of environmental consciousness. She attributes one of her childhood teachers, Mrs. Terwilliger, the belated and beloved Mill Valley environmental teacher, remembered by many locals for her inspirational ways of sharing and educating children […]