8 New Year’s Resolutions Health Professionals Are Making

A new year brings the promise of new possibilities. Whether you’re making New Year’s resolutions or simply envisioning what you want your 2019 to look like, you probably have some goals in mind for the year ahead, and chances are at least some of them are health-related. Last year (and no doubt in most years), […]

Life Coaches' Best Advice for the New Year

Whether you’re facing an empty nest, dealing with a career crisis or just feeling “stuck,” asking the question, “Where do I go from here?” can be a loaded one. Getting help from the right source is key to successfully moving up or moving on. Life coaches can be a great resource to help you set […]

Forget Resolutions: 9 Ways to Change Your Habits for Good

This year, ditch the vague, overarching New Year’s resolutions and make changes that will stick through this year and beyond. “Change isn’t for sissies,” says Colleen Collins Josellis, owner of Organized Chaos, who helps people all over the North Shore deal with what she calls problems of excess. “Initial change is sexy; keeping it up is […]

Resolution Revolution

Every year we make the same-old resolutions, and every year we inevitably fail to keep them—it’s time for a resolution revolution! Where old resolutions felt like punishments, our new-and-improved resolutions focus on enjoyment, not deprivation. Here, we put a positive spin on the age-old negative thinking. Old Resolution: Achieve balance on your scale. New Resolution: […]