8 Weight Loss Hacks That Work

Last year, losing weight was the second most popular New Year’s resolution among Americans, with 32 percent vowing to drop pounds in 2015, according to a Nielsen survey. 2016 is sure to be similar. If you’re among the masses hoping to trim your waistline in the new year, before committing to that new restrictive diet […]

How a Food Critic Lost Weight

On the morning of August 8, I stepped on the scale and cringed: 175. I can say it now, from the safety of more than 25 pounds away, but it was unspeakable in August when I started this journey. I can’t be proud of what I’ve accomplished if I don’t own up to where I […]

Makeover 2012: Fitness

Debbi Platt leads a busy life. With two college-age kids and a part-time job, she still finds the time to remain active.   An accomplished martial artist (she is a second degree black belt in tae kwon do), Debbi is no stranger to hard work. However, after beating skin cancer last year, she decided to […]

Your Genes Aren’t Your Destiny

Some of our health is pre-determined by the luck of our genes, but new evidence shows that we can influence the outcome even when our genetics are stacked against us. One third of all cancers are caused by lifestyle choices: tobacco, alcohol, diet and obesity. The cancers caused by our habits can sometimes be prevented […]

Destination Spas: When You Need More than a Massage

For most of us, the spa getaway doesn’t happen all that often. So when you finally get the time, money and motivation, you want to pick the perfect spa. Sometimes, that’s spa treatments, a beautiful pool and enough staff so that you’re not lifting a finger—unless it’s to call for another skinny-tini. But if you […]

Keeping the Weight Off this Summer

If you worked hard to burn off that winter fat and get your summer bod, it might seem like every weekend barbeque is just leading you into temptation. Here’s the skinny on staying skinny this summer—and it might not be as hard as you think. Eat Conscientiously Countless BBQs and picnics at Ravinia are fun, […]

Recipe for Getting Rid of that January Jelly Belly

It’s no secret that I love food, but I’m usually able to show enough restraint that I don’t fear stepping on the scale. Except for right now. Was it the cookies, champagne, dinners out, lunches with friends or all of the above that have me feeling like I have a jelly belly? For all of […]