Keeping the Weight Off this Summer

If you worked hard to burn off that winter fat and get your summer bod, it might seem like every weekend barbeque is just leading you into temptation.

Here’s the skinny on staying skinny this summer—and it might not be as hard as you think.

Eat Conscientiously
Countless BBQs and picnics at Ravinia are fun, but may not be so good for you. Those delicious margaritas are drowning in calories. The average margarita contains 325 calories, compared to 150 in a 12 oz. beer and 100 in a 5 oz. glass of red wine.

Stay away from high calories foods like potato salad and coleslaw. Stray toward chicken instead of beef, or if you have to have that burger, only eat it with half the bun and make sure to layer on the veggies, recommends Andrea Gaines of Higher Ground Life & Wellness Coaching, who also serves as a life coach at the Evanston Athletic Club.

Get Out There

Summer brings with it tons of fun ways to exercise. Tennis? Great! Thirty minutes of doubles burns 140 calories. Golf? Don’t mind if I do! The same time burns 100 calories.  Not to mention running, biking, swimming and playing outdoors with the kids.

Gaines sticks to the 5-minute rule. “No matter what,” she says, “I’m going to get out there for 5 minutes a day.”

Believe it or not, even strolling those sidewalk sales and local festivals gets you a quality workout (not to mention some fun goodies to take home!). The North Shore has a plethora of activities to keep you active and looking great as these hot months linger on.

Stay Fresh
Health food nuts and nutritionists alike know the smart way to shop: stick to the outside aisle at the supermarket. This is where you find foods that are rich in healthful nutrients and low in refined sugars and other ingredients, including lean proteins, fruits, vegetables, nuts and dairy.

If it takes a label to tell that something is good for you, it’s probably gone through a lot of processing before making it into the store. Besides, summer is the best time to nosh on berries, peaches, and other fresh produce from farmers markets.

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