Wilmette’s Newest: Dowize Bistro

Dowize in Wilmette.

I had a vague feeling of déjà vu when I walked into Dowize Bistro on Central, especially when I looked at the menu.

And then it hit me… Dowize, Dozika… could there be a connection with the Evanston restaurant? Turns out they’re owned by the same family. So I knew that the food would be dependable.

Bring the Baby!

For the first time in a long time—and by that, I mean at least 15 years—I brought a baby to dinner. Visiting friends from Montreal had the world’s happiest baby in tow, so I figured, why not? Seemed like a good test for the restaurant.

And they passed that with flying colors. This is a place to bring the whole family. The prices are super reasonable, and they are so accommodating to kids, with a special menu and high chairs. The waitress and baby Alvin flirted during most of the meal.

We bypassed the appetizers, the usual suspects of spring rolls, edamame, scallion pancakes and the like. Sushi, sashimi and maki rolls are also available.

Entrees are Solid

Moving directly to entrees, the Red Curry with Chicken (($8.95) was mildly spiced, with tender slices of white meat. Pad See Iew with Beef ($8.95), wide, soft rice noodles and beef slices in a brown gravy, was Thai comfort food.

Although the Pad Thai with Tofu ($8.95) was pretty standard, we really liked the flavors of the Spicy Basil Fried Rice with Shrimp ($10.95), especially when we substituted brown rice ($1 additional). The added nuttiness and texture gave a boost to the dish.

The atmosphere is pleasant and clean; they did a brisk takeout business as well as servicing the in-house patrons. Not much to speak of in terms of desserts, but happily, Bobtail Ice Cream is directly across the street.

It’s nice to have a neighborhood Thai restaurant in downtown Wilmette, especially so close to the MIB office!


3/5 stars (B)

Dowize Bistro
1107 Central Ave.

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