Advice to Help You Turn Things Around in 2021, from ‘Aim High’ Author Sydney Sadick

When it comes to blank slates, we could all use one after this crazy year. New Years is a time to reset, reevaluate your path, refresh your goals, and start anew. 

While we’re all ready to say goodbye to 2020 (even as the future remains uncertain) we should strive to let go of all that has passed and welcome 2021 with confidence and grace. Many of us are still working from home, but simple things like planning on dressing up a few times a week or treating yourself to a healthy meal now and then can help improve your outlook on this new year. 

Here are a few easy-to-follow (and attainable) tips to help you get ready for a successful 2021 (because we all need it!). 

Make sure your closet reflects who you are: While we can’t dictate the end of Covid-19, an easy (and controllable) thing we can hit reset on is our wardrobes. If wearing sweat suits feels authentic to you, then keep on rocking them! If you miss a red lip and tailored dress, then get yourself a few elegant pieces to make your quarantine situation feel a little more ‘you.’ The most important thing to keep in mind is that trends (like all things) come and go, so invest in pieces that will grow with you. 

Sydney Sadick

Decide what to purge and save: When it comes to closet space, if there are items you know you’ll never wear again, put them on a consignment website, make money, and reinvest in pieces that will add to your confidence. Donating to clothing drives this time of year is another great option. Especially now, when things are tough and many industries are at a stand still, it’s the perfect time to Marie Kondo your clothing, identify what brings you joy, and flip the rest into something you’ll really love!

Establish a workout and skincare routine that is practical to your schedule: I totally respect everyone out there that continued their 5:30 am spin classes and gua sha’d throughout quarantine. As an avid gym-goer, I truly believe that working out just makes you feel better about yourself. BUT, my situation is not the same as it was in 2019 and neither is my workout or skincare schedule. While it may look very different, setting aside time for self care has been one of the things keeping me sane this year. Make a plan for self care in the coming year to keep your confidence and spirits high.

Instead of New Year’s resolutions, make a list of New Year goals: Goals > resolutions. This year we don’t need any added pressure, so forgo setting resolutions and instead opt to work towards a few goals. It may seem cliche but life is all about the journey, and it’s important to enjoy your milestones/progress (not just the end result). Give yourself a little grace this year and get working towards goals that will make you feel more fulfilled and proud of yourself. 

Sydney’s new book “Aim High: How to Style Your Life and Achieve Your Goals”

Outline what you don’t have an interest in repeating from the year’s past: Determining what you DON’T want can be just as important as determining what you DO. 2020 has been full of not-so-great moments, and a few good ones. Take stock of your experiences and make a plan for changing the things that are in your control. Were you lonely? Try joining a virtual club. Were you a little lethargic? Set up a reminder to get your steps in. 

Create a bucket list of fashion trends you want to try: What better time to try a few crazy styles you may not be too sure of? Get creative and try something new. Don’t be afraid to experiment just for fun. 

Set aside a fashion budget: Be realistic about how much you want to invest in your wardrobe. Do you need a few statement pieces that will last a lifetime or are you looking for a bunch of Zara basics? Set a budget so that you don’t overspend on fast fashion and can afford that one high-end piece you’ve been coveting for a year. Spend wisely and you’ll feel no buyer’s remorse!

Put a mood board together of what’s inspiring you: Visually seeing it can make a huge difference. Whether it’s style, travel, home decor, or recipes, taking stock of what you’re interested in and what will make you happy serves as awesome inspiration for you to refer to later on. Mood boards can also serve as great reminders of your goals and can help keep you on track long after you created them!

Sydney Sadick

Make a pact to look at yourself in the mirror each day and tell yourself one thing you like about yourself: Loving yourself has never been as important as it was in 2020, and this is a trend I personally plan on carrying through to 2021. Appreciate yourself and all you have to offer. At the end of the day, if you don’t believe in yourself then who will?!

Surround yourself (virtually, for now) with people who are like minded: Happy space = happy you. Surround yourself with people who lift you up, feed you positivity and bring joy to your life. Whether it’s your family or your co-workers who you Zoom with everyday, vibing with these people will make you so much happier, so make an effort to create relationships with them.

Make 2021 the year of YOU!: Your happiness will draw others towards you, but you have to be happy with yourself first. 

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Sydney Sadick is a TV correspondent concentrating on fashion and celebrity. She contributes to multiple television shows across the country to deliver runway and table-top segments, in addition to sitting on roundtables and covering red carpet events. She is regularly seen on the TODAY SHOW (Hoda & Jenna), E! Daily Pop, Inside Edition, NBC New York Live, and more, appearing in over 100 segments in just two years.         

She is a former editor at the Daily Front Row, interviewing some of the world’s most coveted celebrities, designers, stylists, among others, and covering New York Fashion Week, The Met Ball, and other top events.

Her debut book “Aim High: How to Style Your Life and Achieve Your Goals” was released September 15th, 2020 and is available now on Amazon, Barnes & Nobles and local bookstores nationwide.

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