About Us

We started Make it Better 13 years ago. It began as a small website with a mission to be the most trusted, easiest-to-use community resource for Chicago’s North Shore.

We strived to make powerful positive connections that captured the beating hearts of our community. We were determined to publish lifestyle content with a purpose, so that everyone in our community could live, love, work and play with greater purpose too.

We have grown into a multi-platform publishing company, serving similar demographics throughout Chicagoland and the San Francisco Bay Area — with a vibrant digital ecosystem, print magazines, custom publishing partnerships, videos, awards and signature events.

By creating virtuous circles we’ve been able to unite and amplify community-building efforts by businesses, nonprofits and you.

And we continue to grow. That’s why we’re evolving to, simply, Better.

Better content that strives to bring you better connections, better experiences, better community, better health, better businesses, better finances, and a better life for you and everyone around you. Our dream continues to be to create, strengthen, and connect communities across the country.

Simply put, Better helps generate those powerful, positive connections that will inspire you to live, love, work and play with greater purpose too.

We Are Make It Better Media Group

Our magazines in Chicago and the Bay Area have been CVC certified as having extraordinary audience that is highly educated, affluent and engaged. To learn more about our audience and advertising opportunities, download our media kit.