Eliminate Varicose Veins Without Surgery

Since the August/September issue of Make It Better is highlighting ways to age well, I’m here to add some fantastic options regarding one of the most common medical issues that, ironically, is also one of the most overlooked: chronic vein disease.

Most of my patients have dealt with nagging, aggravating spider and varicose veins for years. For many, the issues leading to them started in their teens and grew progressively worse over time.

For many years, patients—and even their doctors—avoided dealing with these issues due to unhappiness with the modes of treatment available at the time. However, the past decade has ushered in a new era of non-surgical options that are safe, effective, comfortable, require no down time and, best of all, are affordable.

Treating underlying problematic flow in veins used to involve surgical stripping of veins. Nowadays, state-of-the-art endovenous techniques allow me to leave veins in place and seal them shut from the inside. This allows normal flow to resume immediately and leads to symptom relief and often esthetic improvement as well.

Such techniques include Endovenous Laser Ablation and a newer procedure known as Clarivein®.

Take a look at some amazing Before & After patient experiences.

The ages of patients who see me regarding nagging varicose and spider veins range from 20s to 90s. When I see patients during their hour-long initial consultations, I go past the “number” and straight to key factors such as overall health, mobility and activity. In addition, an ultrasound is frequently performed to assess for any underlying issues that need to be addressed before going after surface varicose and spider veins.

Once patients are deemed ideal candidates for treatment, the process and results are age-independent and similar:

  • All treatments are performed in my comfortable office setting
  • Minimal, if any, local anesthetic is required, even for treating underlying issues
  • You can drive yourself to and from treatments without issue
  • There is no downtime: most routine activities and work can be resumed immediately after treatments
  • Many treatments may be covered by commercial insurance and Medicare

It’s the last point that comes as a surprise to many of my patients. The key thing to keep in mind is that coverage, when possible, may take two or three months to achieve. This is why it is so important to seek consultation sooner rather than later to be able to embark on treatments during this deductible year. We do all the leg-work (pun-intended!)—and that includes working on your behalf to get insurance approvals.

I hope that I’ve inspired you to learn more about your vein issues and how Rosen Vein Care can help. Now is the perfect time to Make It Better!

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See you soon!

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