22 Reasons I’m Not Leaving Him—A Valentine’s Salute


Tired of your Facebook friends’ posts about 8-carat sparkly baubles, surprise trips to Fiji or even just reservations for two at an exclusive restaurant?

Yeah, we know. But true love comes in all shapes, sizes and expressions. The next time you wish your significant other was just a little more romantic, take the time to consider how lucky you are. Here are 22 reasons I’m keeping my guy.

1. You’re not Donald Trump, “The Situation” or on the FBI’s Most Wanted List.

2. You look good in jeans.

3. Speaking of which, you’re not overly fussy about your weekend wear. Sure, go ahead and wear that sweatshirt. Again.

4. You never leave an open bottle of wine on the counter. We just finish it together.

5. You don’t mind when I switch the TV from the Bulls game to The Daily Show.

6. If you snore in bed, I haven’t noticed. And when I snore, you don’t complain.

7. In good cop/bad cop parenting, I always get to be the good cop.

8. You’ve never actually figured out how much money I’ve spent at Starbucks.

9. You’re into well-rounded kids, and so am I. The world needs fewer brainiacs.

10. As long as I make you Rice-A-Roni chicken rice once in a while, you’re happy.

11. You’re not over-complimentary, but you also don’t seem to notice when I really mess up my hair.

12. Because being a single mom is just way too much work.

13. If I didn’t have an extra driver in the car pool, I’d have to do it all myself.

14. You’re not really romantic, maybe not even sorta kinda romantic. But you have my back when I really need it.

15. If I need you, I know where to look. Creatures of habit are wonderful companions.

16. Dating after 40 is really, really hard. Dating with three kids? Even harder.

17. You don’t seem to notice if our bathroom hasn’t been cleaned in a while.

18. You haven’t gambled our savings away.

19. You’re not a womanizer. Or else you’re really, really good at it!

20. You think I’m good at my job even when I don’t—and I’m not positive you even know what I do.

21. You’re totally okay with the fact I’m not a size 2. Thank God, because those days were over in the 2nd grade.

22. You’re not perfect, but neither am I. And you’re mine.