Skincare Tips for Spring

After the harsh, frigid weather these past few months, your skin might not be in the best shape. But fear not—spring is in sight. The change in weather is a signal to switch up your skincare routine to help recover from the cold, dry air of Chicago’s winter. Now’s the time to slough off dull, dry, flaky skin cells to reveal softer, more radiant skin beneath.

Dr. Craig Kraffert, board-certified dermatologist, biochemist and president of Amarte, recommends mild but thorough exfoliation to slough off dry winter skin. “The dry, scaly outermost surface of the skin must be gently lifted in order for topically applied skin care treatments to absorb well and exert their intended effects,” he explains. He recommends avoiding alpha-hydroxy acids, which can cause skin irritation.

Aqua Veil Pure Hydration Serum, $57, Amarte

After exfoliation, you’re ready for moisture, but not necessarily the same rich creams you use during winter. “Because skin is drier in winter, richer products and more frequent application may be used to keep skin moisture just right despite cold and dry environmental conditions,” Kraffert says. “For example, while you may use a moisturizing cream under your BB cream in the winter, come spring BB cream alone or layered over a light, water-based serum may work well.” Amarte’s Aqua Veil Pure Hydration Serum is ultra-light and makes your skin feel instantly cool and soft. Plus, the aqua-based serum includes eight natural botanical extracts to brighten and rejuvenate tired skin.

Regardless of the season, sun protection is paramount. “Not just the face, but the hands, neck, ears and décolleté as well,” Kraffert says. “Damage to skin integrity and beauty is very much dependent on cumulative sun exposure over the years.” It’s rare to find a powerful sunscreen that also doubles as moisturizer, but Amarte’s Ultra Veil with broad spectrum UVA/UVB SPF 50+ protection is super light and packed with hydrating gingko nut and caviar extract. A little finely processed pure mica leaves an elegant semi-matte finish, feeling nicer than any other sunscreen I’ve tried.

Makeup artist and YouTube makeup guru Hayley Kassel recommends trying facial oils this spring. “Even when the weather warms up, beauty oils are a great step in any skincare regimen,” she says. “I love using beauty oils after I put on my moisturizer. It really makes a difference in your skin’s vibrancy and gives you a glow from within.” Try Amala’s Rejuvenate Cocoa Bean Oil or Maya Chia Super Critical Omega-3 Chia Oil for a nourishing concentration of lightweight seed oils that rebuilds your skin’s moisture barrier and absorbs instantly. There’s no greasy residue and it won’t clog your pores. “If you want a more dewy finish to your makeup, mix a little foundation with beauty oil,” Kassel says. “When you mix them together, you are getting a much thinner application for your foundation, which is a great feeling when it’s hot outside.”

Geranium Facial Toner, $18, Libras Botanicals

A simple facial (we recommend Chicago’s new Mud Facial Bar) can be a great way to reset your skin for a new season, getting rid of dirt, oil and dead skin cells that clog your pores over time. “Our Glow Facial is perfect for this time of year,” says Mud Facial Bar founder Shama Patel. “The active ingredient, sandalwood, helps tighten and smooth skin so you look fresh for spring.” At Mud, facials are just 30 minutes and $40, making regular maintenance more affordable for busy women. Patel also recommends using an all-natural botanical toner. “My favorite is Libras Botanicals Geranium Toner,” she says. “It’s a simple step in a skincare routine that makes a huge difference in my overall appearance. It brightens and evens out my skin tone. I [don’t] even need to wear cover up during the day.”


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