Teddie Kossof Marks 40 Years of Groundbreaking Service

Alan and Teddie Kossof

Ask clients and colleagues to describe Teddie Kossof and they will probably use adjectives like Hollywood-handsome, visionary, community-minded, practical, entrepreneurial and family-oriented. So it’s no surprise that he celebrated the 40th anniversary of his eponymous Northfield salon and day spa, Teddie Kossof Salon, in 2015. Who wouldn’t want to patronize, work for or collaborate with such a captivating leader?

Kossof grew up in the business, at the side of his mother, a hair stylist in Skokie. In 1975, soon after graduating from beauty school, he opened his own salon in Skokie. Salons in other locations quickly followed, as did multiple opportunities to style celebrities and even a starring role in a Revlon commercial.

Kossof began establishing his national reputation as a salon visionary at a relatively young age. Colleagues across the country solidified this esteem when in Washington, D.C., they elected him the first president of the Salon Owners Association, now the Professional Beauty Association.

Kossof’s strategy evolved in 1982, when he consolidated his salon business into the current location, with the innovative goal of creating a destination for the ultimate beauty, fitness and fashion experience. “I always wanted a salon that could encompass other services,” Kossof explains.

Eventually the building expanded to 17,000 square feet, staffed by more than 100 employees and housing traditional salon services as well as a boutique, med spa, dental service, tailor, a sleek, new product showroom and more.

Kossof takes pride in the loyalty and longstanding commitment of his employees. He’s similarly delighted that he is able to give back to the community which has been so supportive of his business. “I lean towards helping children,” he says. “I was a member of the Glenview Youth Services board for 13 years and helped raise money for their new building.” He was also named Man of the Year by Children’s Place in Chicago.

It’s clear from a peek inside his small office though that the biggest piece of Kossof’s heart is reserved for his family, whose photos plaster the wall.

“My wife is the best thing that ever happened to me,” Kossof declares. He also beams with pride when discussing his children. In 2012 he named his son, Alan, partner in his business.

Alan admires the groundbreaking work his father has done for the salon business, and is eager to learn from him and continue his legacy. “I am grateful that I have been given the opportunity to carry forward the tradition for providing excellence in beauty to Chicago’s North Shore,” says Alan. “My father has always been ahead of the curve, a true forward thinker and positive force and I will work diligently to continue that forward thinking and innovation of our brand for years to come!”

Father and son Kossof are proud to announce one such advancement for their business: a new partnership with Virgin Hotels Chicago, where they will manage the daily operations of the hotel’s spa. Unique features include a Hamman (a Turkish-style steam room), exquisitely appointed treatment rooms for massage, facial and nail treatments, the full line of products from top European skincare brand Clarins, and professional Clarins skin care treatments. The Spa at Virgin is located at 203 N. Wabash Ave., Chicago.

Continuing to reinvent his special business while treating customers, staff, partners and community well is what Teddie Kossof so clearly does best. Happy 40th anniversary and best wishes.


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