5 Feel Good “Low Carbon” Snacks

Navitas Organics Chocolate Cacao Power Snack

Novato’s Navitas Organics, a certified B Corp, works with cacao grown under strict regenerative practices. Efforts are underway to transition all packaging to post-consumer resin made from recycled plastics, until a compostable option is available.

Patagonia Provisions Organic Chile Mango

They uses mangos sourced from Nicaragua on the first farm to earn Regenerative Organic Certification. The fruit is dried in solar-powered dehydrators and sprinkled with lime and chile for a hit of tangy heat to balance the sweet.

Union Whole Earth Snacks Pepperoni Crisps

The pork is sourced only from regenerative farms which toil to sequester carbon in the soil where it provides nutrients for plants to flourish and rainwater to seep in, not run off. The pepperoni crisps crunch under your teeth and a lingering pepper-laced savoriness is not cloying on the palate.

REP Provisions Beef Stix and Pecan Butter Pack

This Oklahoma ranch works with the Savory Institute’s Land to Market program to build soil health. The grass-fed beef in their Beef Stix is smoked with hickory while Pecan Butter has a hint of Himalayan pink salt. The blossoms on the pecan trees create an official Monarch butterfly weigh station with an integrated habitat to support their migration.

Everydaze Essential C’s Konjac Jelly

Ok, this one isn’t exactly sustainably-focused but this jelly made from the root of a plant grown widely in Asia is easy to carry and immensely hydrating. The subtle peach flavor does a good job of masking the added erythritol (sugar substitute), too.

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