12 Feel-Great Ideas for Fall

The kids are back in school, and the weather’s changing, which means our moods and equilibrium are a little off.

Here are some ideas for every area of your life— fashion to food— that will keep your mood up and make the most of the fall season.

1. Make green tea your afternoon beverage. It has a little caffeine for a boost, but won’t give you the jitters or disrupt your sleep like an afternoon cup of joe might give. Plus, there are lots of health benefits to green tea, so start sipping.

2. Fall clothes aren’t all bulky layers. Make sure your sweaters fit perfectly with underwear that enhances your curves. Ill-fitting bras create bulges, but great-fitting bras smooth it all out. Where to go? Here’s our Better List of Lingerie Stores.

3. Add fiber to your diet. Not only will your tummy feel better, but 30 grams of fiber daily can help lower LDL levels. One study reported 20% decrease in the bad cholesterol with increased fiber. How to get more fiber? 30 grams = 1 pear with skin + 1 cup whole wheat pasta + 1 cup sweet potatoes + 1 cup of lentils. Easy, right?

4. When choosing nuts, crack open walnuts. They have the good fat you want, plus more antioxidants than other nuts. Here’s a super yummy Arugula Walnut Pesto.

5. Write down your steps to success. By committing your plan to paper, you’re much more likely to accomplish your goal. Be specific! I will run 3 miles on Monday, take the 7:15 yoga class on Tuesday, etc. Check out how Sandi Goldstein lost 46 pounds in just 6 months.

6. Eliminate room fresheners from your house. They’re essentially air pollution that pumps chemicals into the air you and your kids breathe. Instead, open windows and clean with as many low-toxic products as possible.

7.  To lift your spirits on a gray fall day, set a timer and spend 3 minutes recording what you’re grateful for. That’s all the time it takes to get in a feel-good mood for the rest of the day.

8. Wear something bright. It’s chic and it’s a color that boosts your mood (and the mood of everyone you interact with for the day).

9. Go meatless one day a week. You’ll save calories, money and do something good for the planet. Can an average family do it? See our article, “Meatless Mondays, Can You? Should You?”

10. Splurge on something that makes you happy, but doesn’t blow your budget.

11. Pre-period stress and moods? Eat something rich in B vitamins. That’s the nutrient that soothes anxiety and produces a calming effect. Black beans, chickpeas, spinach and wild salmon are great, but avoid sugary carbs like sodas and cookies, which have the opposite effect.

12. Take a walk with your kids and collect colorful leaves. According to researchers at the University of Michigan, being outside (even on a cold day) enhances mood and concentration. And when you’re done with the leaves, you can make an autumn craft.

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