5 Best iPhone Fitness Apps

Your smart phone can help you get in shape. Too light to be much use as a free weight, but perfect for motivating, tracking and inspiring your fitness regimen.

Here are 5 apps every athlete (or wannabe athlete) should have on his or her phone.



DailyBurn – Calorie, Workout, and Fitness Companion (Free)
A great tool to track your nutrition, workouts, weight and progress. Allows bar code scanning of food items. Work toward your goals with friends.

Swim Planner – Tri Faster LLC ($0.99)
Provides a variety of swim workouts based on your pace, and desired length of workout. Incorporates stroke, drill, and kick work for a total swim session.

Yoga STRETCH ($0.99)
Get your yoga anywhere with the included programs, or create your own custom routines. Move with meditative music or use your iTunes music as you flow. Poses are explained in detail along with the physical and mental benefits.

EatingWell Healthy in a Hurry (Free)
Eating Well magazine is known for tasty, healthy and easy-to-prepare meals. Try the recipe of the day or more than 200 tried and true favorites. Features photos, recipes and ingredients lists.

Run Watch ($1.99)
Ditch the wristwatch and use this comprehensive tool when you head out for a 5 miler. Run Watch keeps track of time and pace, and also tracks your route with GPS. Great for cycling too.

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