A New Spin on Spin: 5 Reasons to Get Back on the Bike

“Spin” is back and better than ever thanks to an influx of new studios and classes that offer a fresh approach to working out.

If you haven’t been to spin class since Bill Clinton was president, here are 5 reasons why it’s time to dust off your cleats and get back on the bike.

1. It Burns (Calories)
When it comes to losing weight, it’s all about the calories, which is why spin class is a dieter’s best friend. According to Jennifer Solberg, co-owner of Spynergy Cycling Studio, a person can burn up 1000 calories during a 55-minute class. The calorie count depends on a person’s body weight, but if you’re willing to show up to class, Solberg promises you’ll get a great workout.

2. It Works the Whole Body
“Spin class is not just about working the legs,” says Jason Bressler, owner of Revolution Spin in Evanston. These days people want a workout that combines cardio fitness with full-body toning which is why most studios incorporate interval training, yoga and weights into many of their classes.

3. It Conditions the Triathlete (or Tri-Curious)
Interested in a triathlon? Indoor cycling is a great place to start, as there are a number of local programs dedicated to conditioning and training. Drew Surinsky, founder of Nice Guy Training, offers a popular “brick class” that combines running and cycling. Signing up for an indoor cycling or brick class is also an excellent way to meet others who are interested in training for a “tri.”

4. Anyone Can be a Champion

When it comes to indoor cycling, Bressler believes anyone can look and feel like a champion. “Spin classes are fun and engaging,” says Bressler, “but they’re also highly individualized as participants are challenged at their own level.” An avid fitness buff, Bressler, fashions his classes after P90X, where the instructor counts down the time throughout the challenge. “I like to remind my students that the next 2 minutes might be a grind, but if they just hang in there, we’ll accomplish this goal together.”

5. It’s a Great Escape
“We want our clients to feel like they’re at a spa,” says Eva Lasacco, co-owner of Joyride Cycle Studio in Highwood. Bamboo flooring, velvet curtains and soft lighting contribute to the Zen-like setting that makes participants feel like they are getting away from it all, without really getting away. Best of all, a vigorous cardio workout is a great way to burn off excess energy and de-stress.

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