11 Secrets to Great Health at Every Age

We all want to make sure we can continue to do the things we love (and keep up with the ones we love) as we age, and it all starts with taking care of our bodies right now. Aging well means growing better, not older! From the foods you should add to your diet to fight cancer and keep your brain sharp to exercises that will improve your health and keep your body strong, here are our top 11 tips for living your best life at every age.

1. Make Sure You’re Taking the Right Steps to Live Your Healthiest Life Decade by Decade

Getting and staying healthy should always be a priority, but you may not know all you could be doing to ensure that you stay on top of your health and the risks associated with aging. Today is the first day of the rest of your life, so make a resolution to do all you can to be your healthiest self by following these decade-by-decade health tips.

Great Health at Every Age: A Decade-by-Decade Guide to Living Your Healthiest Life

2. Establish a Good Relationship With Your Doctor — and Know What to Do When It’s Not Working

Going to the doctor isn’t generally something many of us look forward to. A good relationship with your physician, however, is an important part of getting and staying healthy.

7 Tips for Establishing a Good Relationship With Your Doctor — and What to Do When It’s Not Working

3. Quit These Bad Health Habits, and Adopt These Good Ones Instead

Chances are you’re aware of some bad habits you really need to kick, and some healthy ones you should finally start adopting. We’re here to tell you the time is now.

4 Bad Health Habits You Need to Quit, and 4 Good Ones to Adopt Instead

4. Eat These Foods to Fight Cancer and Keep Your Brain Sharp

A healthy diet should be your first line of defense against cancer and dementia. Here’s how to turn every meal into a powerful weapon against disease.

Foods You Should Eat to Fight Cancer

5. Reap the Many Benefits of Aqua Therapy

Aqua therapy is an increasingly popular form of treatment and rehabilitation for patients with a broad range of illnesses and injuries. Here are some of the many benefits to hitting the pool for treatment, recovery or just a great aquatic workout.

The Many Benefits of Aqua Therapy

6. Do Exercises That Will Improve Your Balance and Health

Falls are the leading cause of injuries among adults 65 years and older, according to the Centers for Disease Control, but balance is an important skill, no matter your age.

Exercises That Will Improve Your Balance and Health

7. Start Your Day Off Right With Yoga

As yoga’s popularity has continued to grow, so has the body of research confirming the far-reaching benefits of regular practice. Beginning your day with yoga is a gradual and energizing way to transition from restful sleep to your active day.

7 Yoga Poses to Start Your Day Off Right

8. Monitor Your Risk for Breast Cancer

We asked breast cancer experts to explain some of the major risk factors for breast cancer and to suggest ways women can manage them to keep their risk as low as possible.

Are You at Risk for Breast Cancer?

9. Make Sure You’re Doing What You Should to Keep Your Bones Strong

The best way to reduce your risk of fractures is to take steps now to build and maintain strong, healthy bones far into the future.

Are You Doing Enough to Keep Your Bones Strong?

10. Know the Facts About Alzheimer’s — and What You Can Do to Prevent It

More than 5 million Americans have Alzheimer’s, according to the National Institute on Aging. That number is expected to grow, with an estimated 7 million people afflicted by the year 2025, and will climb to an estimated 15 million in 2050, according to the Alzheimer’s Association.

Expert Advice on Preventing and Dealing With Alzheimer's

11. Stay Socially and Mentally Engaged with Your Community

Did you know that activities like getting involved with your child’s school’s parent-teacher association, your local church or your favorite nonprofit, or participating in a monthly book club or trivia night with friends from the neighborhood can keep you young? Staying socially and mentally active has been shown to support brain health. Keep an eye on Make It Better’s events listings for great ways to get involved with our vibrant community. If a senior in your life could use some extra support maintaining this active engagement, North Shore Senior Center has been a community leader in supporting the independence and well being of older adults, providing an enriching array of activities, volunteer opportunities, and support services.

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