Me? A Triathlete? Come On…

All you have to do is tri!

That’s what authors Libby Hurley and Betsy Noxon say. In their just released book, “Tri the Journey,” they’re spreading the word that with the right training and the right attitude, anyone can do a triathlon.

“We wrote this book for someone who’s afraid to try a triathlon, and we broke it down to a very non-intimidating form,” says Hurley, co-author of the book and founder of Together We Tri, her 11-year-old organization that trains people for triathlons, “It became so evident how life changing our training program could be that we wanted to share that with the world.”

“A lot of women are fearful of doing a race,” says co-author, Betsy Noxon, a freelance writer. “This book takes all the guess work out.”

Tri the Journey, A Woman’s Inspirational Guide to Becoming a Triathlete in 12 Weeks” is written especially for women, and offers detailed information for each sport in a triathlon; swimming, biking and running. The book covers a list of needed equipment, how to begin training, and tips for overcoming obstacles, including injuries. Here’s an excerpt from “Tri the Journey.”

“I see so many marathon runners who are injured because all they’ve done is run and that’s not good,” says Hurley, who has trained over 6,000 clients, “Our book focuses on strength and core training, injury prevention and nutrition aspects.”

“Tri the Journey” is also for people who just want exercise.

“Training for a triathlon is one of the healthiest ways to get in shape,” says Hurley.

The two authors met several years ago when Noxon trained with Hurley for her first triathlon. Both North Shore women are 42 and both are moms of young children.

“All the women I met while training had great stories to tell,” says Noxon, who interviewed dozens of women triathletes for the book.

“Triathlons are for normal people, for moms,” says Noxon, “You don’t have to have a stellar athletic background to learn how to do this.”

“I hope people who read the book will realize they can do something they thought was impossible,” says Hurley.

Some of the authors’ favorite places to train in our communities:

Libby: Valley Lo Club Lake
Betsy:  Off the beach at Gilson in Wilmette

Libby: Cuba Road in Long Grove
Betsy:  Sheridan Road to Fort Sheridan (Around Lake Forest College)

Libby: Gallery Park in the Glen
Betsy:  Through the woods to Lake Michigan at Ft. Sheridan (there’s a steep hill there)

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