Reaching the Stars

When your time is crunched instead of your abs, it’s easy to want to pass on working out.

This Mibs move of the month works multiple muscles groups simultaneously to save you time and keep you excited about your fitness regimen.

Muscles worked: Shoulders, spine, quads, core.
Bonuses: Balance and endurance conditioning, glutes and hamstrings strength with squat option
Equipment: Optional 1-8 lb weights


Begin in standing position. Keep your stance narrow, with feet firmly on ground hip width apart and relaxed soft knees. Your torso should be tall, shoulders down and back, abs pulled up and in toward the spine, pelvis tucked in neutral. Start with your arms at the side of your hips, palms facing inward.
Slowly raise arm up next to ears, aligned with shoulder.
Lower arms, returning to starting position.

Modification: Work with single arm raises, alternating left and right






Add alternating knee raise. As arms raise, lift left knee to right angle position, keeping your knee above the ankle and quad/hamstring parallel to floor. Keep your torso tall and abs pulled in.

Lower your knee when arms lower, and alternate sides.









Include squat lift. Begin in bent knee squat position with your back flat, knees over ankles, body weight in the heel of your foot.

Push up out of a squat, raise one knee while arms reach for the stars.

To complete the move: Do 8 to 12 reps. Note: If doing alternate arm modification, do one per side, left and right alternating, and that equals one rep. Rest between sets (more frequently if necessary), and stretch when you’re done. Do three sets.




Want to see it in action? Here’s the video:

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