Much-Kneaded Medicine

The interior of the Shawn Mossell Massage Therapy Center in Wilmette looks like any other doctor’s office. It’s calm and quiet, with awards and machines decorating rooms that line a long hallway.

But here in this remarkably ordinary place, lives are changed.

“My work corrects the posture of the body,” says Mossell, an accredited member of the American Massage Therapy Association. “This treatment puts the spine into mechanical alignment, allowing the physical body to rest. Every muscle is Jell-O when they leave.”

For 31 years, he has practiced the “Spinal Touch” treatment learned from his mentor, Dr. Samuel Hockings, who himself had more than  50 years of experience. Do the math—that’s 81 years of healing history in his hands.

Mossell has worked with a wide array of patients, from young children to the elderly. He extends his helpful services to anyone with physical pain.

For example, Shane Tucker, a 19-year-old from Winnetka, who competed as a diver for New Trier High School and Cornell University, used to suffer severe back problems that kept him from his sport.

“One of my buddies suggested Shawn Mossell,” says the Cornell student, who just started training to dive again.  “[The treatment] was really quick, and my back doesn’t hurt anymore.”

The Center claims to rid the body of fatigue caused by strain, offering hope to those suffering the terrible grip of back pains. Mossell’s method certainly scores points for effectiveness—the Center is regarded as one of the best around—and it also boasts fast results.

“Within three to five treatments, they’re out of the office,” he says.

Mossell also operates the successful Stop Smoking Clinic in Wilmette. It seems he is simply in the business of improving quality of life, offering each of his clients the chance to feel better.

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