Reinvent Your Look: Fashion Makeover

It was one Lululemon outfit too many for Dan Stone.

When the opportunity arose to give his wife Stacy a makeover, and a more feminine look, he jumped at the chance.

Stacy, a Highland Park resident, works in corporate sales for the Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts and volunteers for non-profit organizations in addition to being a mom to three young kids.

“I would love to look more put together both casually and for work,” Stacy said in her pre-makeover interview. “They say to dress for the next position you want, so I felt like I wanted to present a little bit of a more pulled together look.”

To give Stacy a look that would work for the office and date night, we enlisted the help of Suzanne Newman, founder of Find Fashion Happiness and the personal shopper and stylist for Westfield Old Orchard shopping center.

Stacy arrived at Bloomingdales with some great accessories and shoes in tow, and Suzanne scoured the store for great pieces to pair them with.

Suzanne recommends that busy moms put together four to five go-to outfits.

“The more things you have in your closet, the less you wear. If you have a few really great pieces that you love you actually end up wearing them more,” Suzanne says. “When in doubt buy a dress. If you’re a woman on the go, a dress is easy.”

Dresses were a perfect fit for Stacy, who loves accessories.

“I buy accessories because you can wear them no matter your size,” Stacy says.

Suzanne recommends investing in thin hoops in gold and silver and a chain necklace that you can wear long or short by doubling it up.

After two hours at Bloomingdales, Stacy walked away with dresses, cardigans and other pieces to give her the classic feminine look she was looking for, and the knowledge that, “A good pair of Spanx can make you forget you had a baby 8 months ago.”


Suzanne Newman, founder of Find Fashion Happiness and the wardrobe & image stylist for Old Orchard shopping center, helped Stacy achieve the classic, feminine look she wanted. Stacy loves accessories and brought some great pieces along to go with her new looks.


“She could do this every day to do stuff with her kids, it’s all easy, washable, comfy clothes,” Suzanne says. “Fun and everyday is probably 80% of what she needs.”

“It was so comfortable but still looked like I was put together,” Stacy says.

Tory Burch wedges, Stacy’s own
Purse, Stacy’s own
Jeans, Seven, $169
Cardigan, INC, $69.50
Top, Theory, $140


“I like that I can have a sweater over it for work or take it off and have a sexier, dressier look,” Stacy says.

“Dresses are a really easy, quick way to get dressed,” Suzanne says. “This dress is one of thosedresses that can go business with a cardigan over it, or you can go dinner after to
cocktails. It can also be played down with a summer sandal.”

Tory Burch wedges, Stacy’s own
Dress, Michael Kors, $150
Cardigan, LK Bennett, $165
Belt, Ralph Lauren, $38
Earrings, stylists’ own


“Stacy loves to wear her Burberry rain boots and her Lululemon exercise leggings.

She wanted a little black dress that would go casual and work,” Suzanne says.

“I just like that it’s very versatile, it can go casual or I can dress it up with heels and some good earrings,” Stacy says.

Dress, Burberry, $450
Purse, LK Bennett, $345
Burberry boots, Stacy’s own
Leggings, Stacy’s own


“I think this fits really well and I love the shape of it,” Stacy says.

“The lines really accent the best things about her figure. When in doubt buy a dress.

If you’re a woman on the go, a dress is easy,” Suzanne says.

Dress, Rebecca Taylor, $395
Shoes, Stacy’s own
Rebecca Taylor Flannel Mix dress $395

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