Pick up the Weights and Drop the Pounds

When you think of strength training, the sound of “bells” might ring through your mind—dumbells, barbells and kettlebells, that is.


While all of these provide effective ways to strengthen and define muscles, there is a multitude of viable alternatives in the arena of strength training to shape the body you desire.

As a certified yoga and Pilates instructor, I have personally experienced the considerable differences in simply adding 2- or 3-pound hand weights into my classes. While Pilates and yoga aren’t traditionally thought of as cardio classes, the introduction of free weights provides not only for an increased heart rate, but more importantly, a boost in metabolism, allowing for a greater caloric burn both during and after your workout.

In addition to hand weights, resistance bands/tubing, provide a refreshing alternative to traditional strength equipment by offering a greater variety in exercises as resistance can be created from all directions—side, overhead, twisting (trunk rotation), etc. An added bonus is that they are inexpensive, ranging anywhere from $6-20 per band, and they fit easily into your suitcase when flying out on a business trip or island vacation.

We welcome you to visit our Sears Fitness Flagship store, (847) 272-2461, located at 840 Willow Rd. in Willow Festival Mall in Northbrook, 8 doors down from Whole Foods. In addition to the strength accessories mentioned above, we also carry a full line of treadmills, ellipticals and exercise bikes. Our sales staff of certified personal trainers can help you in designing your exercise space and in providing professional guidance and support in successfully reaching your exercise goals.

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