8 Life-Changing Apps Created By Women

While the tech industry remains wildly male-dominated, a new generation of female founders is shaking that up. In the past decade, the percentage of venture capital deals that went to women founders nearly doubled. To see what some of these women have been up to and support their trailblazing work, check out these 8 life-changing […]

7 Top Apps to Identify Plants

Want to know your Sneezewort from your Monkey Puzzle Tree? You can now use your smartphone to identify plants or prove to a friend that you know that blue flower is in fact Lupine. So grab your device, because plant-identification apps can help your botanical knowledge grow. PlantSnap Free on Android, $3.99 on iOS. The […]

You Said It: Innovative Leadership Zooms In On Crisis

The COVID-19 pandemic obviously forces most everyone not just to think—but also to convene—outside of the box or inside a laptop or phone. According to the Business of Apps, in March, “Zoom was seeing 200 million daily meeting participants. This compares to 10 million in December 2019.” Innovative leadership is increasing technology’s capacity for creative […]

Let Chicago’s Beauty Mask Your Untidy Home on Zoom Calls

If you’re fortunate enough to have been working from home since the shelter-in-place mandate was announced, the world of Zoom video conferences and other similar services is all too familiar. In a previous article, we mention a soap-operaesque filter that softens not-camera-ready faces, and suggest a handful of cozy yet professional outfits to wear on […]

5 Reasons Big Tech Is Calling Chicago Home

Chicago may be known for our manufacturing, finance and publishing businesses, but over the last few years there has been a surge of new startups and established tech companies calling our great city home. Why are these companies flocking to Chicago? During The Executive’s Club’s March 5 panel, “Windy City: The New Tech Hub,” we explored […]