Empowering the Most Impactful Nonprofits: How the Make It Better Foundation Can Help You

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Founded with a singular vision to revolutionize the nonprofit sector, the Make It Better Foundation has spent more than a decade identifying, championing, and bolstering the missions of the most transformative nonprofits. Our journey began on May 1, 2007, when we launched as a platform for sharing a unique blend of positive, problem-solving, community-building content and philanthropy. Since then, we’ve seen countless collaborations, heartwarming success stories, and, above all, a steadfast commitment to positive change. Today, we’re leaning harder than ever into the core philanthropic mission of the Make It Better Foundation, while continuing to create content through Better Magazine that helps our audience make their own lives better at the same time we’re making it easier for them to help others, fulfilling our motto: Live, love, work, play, and give with greater purpose and joy.

Our Mission

The mission of the Make It Better Foundation is to identify, support and promote the most impactful nonprofits in their sector, thereby accelerating efforts to make life, and the world, better.

Our Legacy and Commitment to the Future

As we carved our niche, our unique blend of content and philanthropy emerged as a powerful tool for nonprofits collaborating with Make It Better. Over the years, our prestigious Philanthropy Awards program further cemented our dedication and impact in the venture philanthropy arena. As our world continues to face ever-evolving challenges, we’ve upped our game, harnessing our influential platform and allocating a wealth of resources to back the most promising nonprofits spanning numerous sectors.

Sectors We Champion:

  • Arts & Culture
  • Environment and Sustainability
  • Education
  • Mental Health
  • Wellness & Medical Research
  • Women Empowerment
  • Social Justice and Civil Rights
  • Human Services
  • Sports & Fitness
  • Spirituality
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Carrying Forward Our Commitment to Excellence

Looking to our past successes as building blocks for our present and future strategies, we are continuing our commitment to harnessing the power of impactful storytelling, community engagement, and purpose-driven initiatives with the following pillars underpinning our approach:

  • Easy-to-Use Tools and Expertise: Offering both turnkey and bespoke approaches to sharing your organization’s story and engaging new audience and supporters.
  • Collaboration: Harnessing the power of collective expertise and influence, we are prioritizing ongoing collaboration with social entrepreneurs, philanthropists, and media partners.
  • Proven Vetting Process: We continue to vet nonprofits through a well-established venture philanthropy lens.
  • Grants and Awards: Leveraging our digital expertise to highlight and uplift worthy beneficiaries.
  • Storytelling: Working with outstanding journalists, artists, and other content creators to tell impactful narratives with actionable insights and recommendations.
  • Engagement: Fostering a digital hub of mutual support, growth, and audience engagement.
  • Data-Driven Decisions: Anchoring our strategies in solid metrics and insights.

Content That Connects:

We understand the power of storytelling that not only informs but also deeply resonates. Our varied approach to content ensures that nonprofits reach their desired audiences in the most impactful format possible.

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