Best of Beauty 2012

Everyone needs a friend who will tell you her cosmetic surgeon’s name, where she gets her mani/pedis and how she stays looking so darn cute.

Consider us that friend.

When our readers filled out our second annual “Best of” survey this year, they shared all their secrets. We love the anecdotes, testimonials about great service and passion that people shared with us.

It gives us hope that local businesses might be in better shape than we assume. When hundreds of our readers care enough to tell us about products they love, and stores that provide the best service, it’s a good sign that people want their hometown favorites to succeed.

And, we’re more than happy to share the information. Here are our reader’s picks for the Best of 2012 in Beauty.

Best Anti-Aging Strategy

The women of the North Shore fall into three distinct camps when it comes to trying to not look their age, with very little crossover. A gentle reminder—if you’re committed to a smile and great attitude as your aging strategy, you might also remember the sunscreen. And if you’re sure a Botox injection is the answer, don’t forget that attitude is more important than age.

By blocking nerve impulses and stopping muscle contraction—which is what causes the frown-like line between your eyebrows—Botox causes the wrinkle to relax and soften. Great in small doses, but let’s avoid the frozen face look.

Smile and Great Attitude
A positive spirit, lots of water and clean living were the kinds of answers given by a lot of readers. We love the reminder that friends and sleep are great anti-aging tools, too.

Topical Treatments
From Retinol creams to Oil of Olay sunscreen, we got lots of responses. The most popular: Kiehls and Arbonne anti-aging creams. But remember, those night creams only work if you’re also using a sunscreen during the day!

Best Beauty Service You Can’t Live Without
Mani/pedis rule with our readers. If you’re giving up something, it’s not your nails. As far as which nail salons were most popular, it seems most women choose somewhere nearby. We had nominees from Lake Forest to Libertyville, but no one got more than two votes! Interestingly, haircuts, highlights and blow-outs received very few votes. We’re guessing because hair care is considered a necessity, not a luxury.

Best Beauty Product You Can’t Live Without

Facial Moisturizer
Favorite Beauty Products















The most popular products

Best Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Michael Byun
1775 Walters Ave., Northbrook
847-513-6899 |

Another split vote between “Don’t do it,” and “No one,” to women who were quite committed to their doctors. Dr. Michael Byun, who practices in Northbrook, received the most reader votes.


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