6 Food Trends Gaining Traction in 2019

The dawn of a new year has long been a time for forecasts and prophecies, for both trendspotters and laymen alike. For starters, everyone wants a jump start on the hottest fashions, the colors of the year, sports team rankings, and the future state of the economy. All valid concerns, but of course my area […]

10 Spots for the Most Delectable Cookies in Chicago

The holidays may come and go, but our obsession with cookies — those crunchy, crispy, chewy, and sweet wonders — will never die, because cookies tell our story. Your childhood, your Girl Scout troop, your grandmother, your culture, all on view. One woman’s lebkuchen is another’s gingerbread; my twice-baked cookie might be biscotti or Mandelbrot. […]

Chicago’s 9 Best Ice Cream Dishes

July is National Ice Cream Month and here are the top Chicago spots where we’re making the rounds to celebrate. I don’t know about you, but no matter how full I am, I can always make room for ice cream, gelato, sorbet, or frozen yogurt. On a hot summer day, these desserts hit the spot.  […]

12 Easy Ice Cream Recipes to Make at Home

Ice cream and summer walk hand-in-hand down an Atlantic boardwalk, breathing in the salty sea air. They go for a sail. They hang at outdoor fests and carnivals, fireworks displays, baseball games, and parades. They are BFFs, and we are the beneficiaries of their mutual admiration society. Sure, there are plenty of amazing ice cream […]

3 Woman-Owned Chicago Chocolate Shops to Hit Up for World Chocolate Day July 7

The average American eats 12 pounds of chocolate every year. On World Chocolate Day, fete the fudgy stuff by supporting this local trio of woman-owned shops. Veruca Chocolates 1332 N. Halsted St., Chicago, 773-998-2462 The chocolatier: Pediatrician-turned-chocophile (and graduate of Chicago’s French Pastry School) Heather Johnston The confections: Handmade creations with Wonka-like whimsy — like […]

The 11 Best Places for Pie in Chicago

Math nerds and pastry lovers rejoice! March 14 is the annual celebration of Pi Day, and that’s “Pi” as in the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter, best known as 3.14, thus March 14! To celebrate, some people run in circles, but folks in the know use Pi Day as an excuse to […]

7 Best Chicago Bakeries for Delicious Holiday Desserts

One thing I’ve learned after many years of entertaining at home: Everyone loves dessert. So my advice to you is, don’t skimp. Go big AND stay home. Chicago is filled with fabulous bakeries producing Instagram-worthy, delectable goodies, and they’re more than happy to help you end your party — be it an intimate dinner gathering, […]