Travel with Purpose: 10 Perfect Getaways for an Active Family Vacation

Grandpa wants to play golf, the cousins want to swim and you want to go for a scenic 40-mile bike ride — so how do you decide where to go for this year’s family vacation? From South Carolina to Alaska and Hawaii and everywhere in between, these resorts and adventures cater to active, multigenerational families, offering something […]

Must-Read Family Road Trip Tips

When you travel with your family by plane, you imply that the destination is the goal. When you take a road trip, you make a different declaration: There’s value in the journey. You have set your sights on discovering hidden gems and embracing the Zen-like qualities of the open road. A road trip offers a chance […]

5 Multi-Generational Vacations the Whole Family Will Enjoy

Plenty of families are deciding that lasting memories matter more than the latest gadget, jewelry or fashion accessory. They’re opting to give the gift of a great adventure instead of a pile of presents. With family often scattered across the country, or the world, gathering your gang for a vacation can seem daunting. Here are […]

Resources for Your Roman Holiday

Here’s my insider guide to the resources that will make your trip to Rome a wonderful family vacation. And if you’re still wondering if Rome is right for your family, check out my article: 10 Reasons to Take a Roman Holiday with Teens. Where to Stay Romantic – Hassler Exclusive and expensive atop the Spanish […]

Intergenerational Vacations: A Trip to Eygpt

Bonnie and Jim Pritchard of Geneva have grandchildren geographically dispersed across the country. Yet, they have been able to create that sense of connection and intimacy that is rare. For Christmas, each child received a box and inside was a slip of paper with the words, “a trip to Egypt.” As you can imagine, the […]