7 Key Insights on the Upcoming Presidential Election from Leading Political Experts on Both Sides

On Wednesday, Oct. 21, the Executives’ Club of Chicago hosted former Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel and republican political consultant, Alex Castellanos, in conversation with the Sun-Times’ Laura Washington. With just two weeks until one of the most contentious elections in recent memory, panelists were pressed to discuss Nov. 3 — and what may follow.  Here […]

Your Guide to Voting in the 2020 Election

Yesterday was National Voter Registration Day! It was an appropriate day to prepare for the upcoming election, which will determine a lot for the future of this country. You can do your part by registering (or re-registering) to vote, learning about the candidates and informing your friends and family about the importance of voting. Below […]

The Executives' Club of Chicago Women's Leadership Series on Tapping Women’s Potential In Political Leadership

On Thursday, September 10, as a part of their Women’s Leadership Series, the Executives’ Club of Chicago hosted a powerhouse panel of speakers in a conversation called “Running for Progress: Tapping Women’s Potential in Political Leadership.” The virtual panel was moderated by Tina Tchen, and featured Ambassador Carol Moseley Braun, Mary Matalin, Melissa Bean and Erin […]

How to Talk Politics With Your Partner

As part of our “Love Essentially” series, Jackie Pilossoph helps us navigate the complex world of relationships. Have a question that you would like her to answer? Contact her here, and it may be featured in an upcoming article! With the presidential election less than three months away, and two political parties that seem more […]

2020 Election: What You Need to Know About Voting By Mail

With the coronavirus pandemic far from over, mail-in voting is seemingly the safest way to vote this November. Absentee, or opting to vote by mail, has always been a trusted way to vote — in fact, it is how our overseas troops vote. But as more states consider switching to this physically distanced form of […]

2018 Illinois Midterm Elections: Here's What You Need to Know

Finally — the midterm elections are here, and it is time to make your vote count. Historically the midterm elections have a lower voter turnout than a presidential election, but this year the midterms hold an even bigger meaning, especially with the divisive political climate in the country today. Americans will be voting on the […]