New Series ‘The Hungry Book Club’ Brings Awareness to Food and Lifestyle Trends Impacting Mental Health

Eve Turow Paul The Hungry Book Club

Starting this Wednesday, author and globally recognized thought leader, Eve Turow-Paul is launching the Hungry Book Club, a free three-week series of conversations with esteemed guests where they will discuss the impact of anxiety, loneliness, and a search for purpose on food and lifestyle trends — past, present and future. 

Eve Turow Paul
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The first Hungry Book Club session will cover the theme of Anxiety & Culture with guest, Daniel Levitin. Dr. Levitin is a five-time New York Times bestselling author and neuroscientist whose titles include The Organized Mind: Thinking Straight in the Age of Information Overload and A Field Guide to Lies: Critical Thinking in the Information AgeIn their hour together, Turow-Paul and Levitin will discuss the role of technology in rising rates of anxiety, how nonstop Covid-19 information is impacting well-being, how this stress and anxiety shows up in food culture, and what we can all do to better manage our sense of overload. 

The Organized Mind Book

Turow-Paul will explain how trends such as the anti-GMO movement, interest in supplements, and the gluten-free diet are related to record-high stress levels, and how the emotional angst of our times is showing up in food and lifestyle trends. Audience members will have time to share their own insights, questions, and reflections.  

The week following, on March 24 (1pm EST), audience members can learn from Dr. Brian Primack, author of the upcoming book You Are What You Click: How Being Selective, Positive, And Creative Can Transform Your Social Media Experience and founding director of the University of Pittsburgh’s multidisciplinary Center for Research on Media, Technology, and Health. 

Last, on March (1pm EST), Turow-Paul will wrap up the series with the revered Dr. Dacher Keltner, founding director of the Greater Good Science Center at the University of California, Berkeley, and host of the award-winning podcast, The Science of Happiness.

Each Book Club event will include a review of findings from Turow-Paul’s book, Hungry: Avocado Toast, Instagram Influencers, and Our Search for Connection and Meaning. In Hungry, Turow-Paul provides a guided tour through the stranger corners of today’s global food and lifestyle culture and looks at the connections among top trends, the Digital Age, and human well-being. How are 21st-century innovations and pressures redefining people’s needs and desires? How does “foodie” culture, along with other lifestyle trends, provide an answer to our rising rates of stress, loneliness, anxiety, and depression?

Hungry Book Club

Weaving together evolutionary psychology and sociology with captivating investigative reporting from around the world, plus findings from an original survey conducted with market research firm Datassential, Turow-Paul reveals the modern hungers — physical, spiritual, and emotional — that are driving today’s top trends. Hungry deepens our understanding of why we do what we do and helps us find greater purpose and joy in today’s technology-altered world.

You can register for one or all three webinars at Eventbrite. Registrants receive a 30% discount code for Hungry. More information is available at www.TheHungryBook.Com/BookClub. The events are hosted by Future Food Institute.

If you’re interested in food and lifestyle culture, human behavior, and well-being (especially as we look to begin our recovery from the Covid-19 pandemic), this series is a can’t-miss.

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