4 Online Workouts Worth the Sweat

If you love being active, you probably enjoy switching up your workout routine, because—let’s face it—climbing the treadmill day after day can get brutally monotonous. Even better, how fantastic would it be if you could get one-on-one training without having to splurge on an actual trainer? Today, streaming workouts are the most convenient way to get a customized workout or have the opportunity to take a class from some of the world’s hottest trainers, all without leaving your living room. These four online workouts may inspire you to cancel your gym membership.

Tracy Anderson Video Streaming

($475 for a 6-month subscription)

Yes, the price tag is hefty, but if you’ve ever taken one of Tracy Andersons live classes, you’ll see why this subscription doesn’t come cheap. Anderson is THE trainer to just about every enviable celebrity body, and I can vouch from experience that she kicks butt like no one else! As a subscriber, you’ll receive a brand new cardio and muscular structure workout (filmed live at her studio) every Wednesday. Access the routine for the next seven days, until she uploads a new workout the next week. Know that Anderson does not talk during her workouts—classes are all about following her movement cues as you go. This may take some time getting used to, but devotees of the method love that they can just get into the exercises and music without any commentary. Anderson’s classes always feature a stellar playlist and being a part of her live workout allows you to experience how her music selection truly pushes you further. Prepare to get hooked!

Physique 57 On-Demand

(prices vary but generally around $5 for 30 minutes)


If you enjoy The Bar Method or The Dailey Method, you’ll love Physique 57s ballet-inspired workouts, which incorporate cardio, strength training and stretching intervals. These exercises use your own body weight as resistance and give you serious definition. In fact, the Observer recently praised Physique 57 for toning the body quicker than any other method and transforming your rear. As a subscriber, you have access to both new video content and existing DVD workouts. Choose from 30-minute cardio, strength training, and prenatal workouts or 57-minute full-body workouts. There is a large variety of content available for all skill levels.

Body by Simone


Simone De La Rue trains the likes of Naomi Watts and Anne Hathaway, but it’s her signature dance-based workouts that make her L.A. and NYC studios the spots to get fit. A monthly subscription grants you unlimited access to the exclusive online classes, which are constantly updated. Choose from various cardio workouts such as dance, jumprope, trampoline or toning workouts that focus on your abs or legs. De La Rue gives explanations behind each move and her encouraging words and bubbly enthusiasm make her a fantastic coach.

Ballet Beautiful Custom Workout

($39.99/month) or BBLive Workout ($35/single 1-hour online class or $280/monthly membership)

Just about every Victorias Secret Supermodel has sculpted their body with Mary Helen Bowers, professional dancer and creator of Ballet Beautiful. The combination of classic ballet movements and Pilates exercises may sound gentle, but believe me, you’ll feel the burn the next day.

As a member of the BBLive Program, you can take a private class or group lesson from the comfort of your home. Using your computer’s camera, your instructor will be able to view you and make corrections from her actual studio. This is the next best thing to being at the class, in-person.

As a subscriber to the custom workout program, you have unlimited access to the streaming library (including prenatal workouts), so you can try any of her classes on your own schedule. Bowers updates her content with two new workouts each month. Classical music and Bowers’ gentle tone are perfect if you’re not a fan of thumping music but still crave visible results.

*Hint If you want to get a taste of these workouts before you invest, each trainer has sample workouts on YouTube or their website.

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