Better Together: Voices From the Community

At every turn, we tell ourselves 2020 can’t possibly get worse—and then it does.

Before the pandemic, times already felt tough for so many families. COVID-19 has exacerbated their challenges, bringing widespread unemployment and food and shelter insecurity, and underscoring the inadequacies of our health care system.

The most recent examples of police brutality have acted as the last cracks breaking a dam that was barely holding back a flood of outcry at centuries of systemic racism and inequity. We are finally seeing widespread mobilization and support for black Americans, a group we as a society have been failing for far too long.

By listening to the words and ideas of others and understanding the ways that we can all take action to be instruments of progress, we can help turn this painful moment into a real catalyst for positive change.

We’ve been listening, learning and sharing voices that have inspired us, plus ways you can take action.

We’re committed to using our platforms—Better, Marin Magazine and SPACES—to share diverse perspectives and foster productive conversation. We can—and must—do better. Please join us by sharing your stories to Marin Editorial and Better Editorial.

How to Help: 

Many are finding that helping others is an effective way to help combat feelings of powerlessness in the face of COVID-19. Here are some organizations that need your help in Chicago and the Bay Area right now.

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