Don’t Let Your Laptop Fry the Family Jewels

Keeping your guy’s crotch cool while using a laptop may save future generations—literally!

While it has been known for a while that heating up the nether regions of a man’s anatomy can impact fertility, not until recently was a study done that actually measured increased heat in the scrotum when using a laptop. In a study that was imaginably very difficult to recruit young men into, temperature probes were hooked onto their testicles to measure the amount of heat build-up while using a laptop.

Hot Crotches
On average, temperatures rose 2.5 degrees—not good, since earlier studies have shown that a 1 degree rise in testicular temperature could cause decreased fertility.  To date, no study has actually connected those dots (laptop heat=fewer babies); but intuitively, there may be reason for concern when it comes time to rev up those engines and procreate.

Not a Form of Birth Control
Cautionary note from author to readers: This in no way should be perceived as a new form of birth control, nor used as such.

Laptop Manufacturers also Concerned

Computer companies are equally concerned about their laptops in that heat build-up causes malfunctions. So while they are worried that you may be heating up their unit, you might be equally concerned about them heating up yours.

As manufacturers have been busy marketing laptop pads to insulate their computers, consumers should probably also be looking at them as pads to protect future offspring. A win-win situation where both the computer and the crotch benefit!

Laptop/Nuts Cooling Pads
Below are examples that can be found at Best Buy, Amazon, and other retailers.  They range in price from about $14 to $50.  Interestingly, in every one of the products that show photographs, each model is a man. In addition, read how they describe each product.  Do you think they know they are not just cooling their laptops?

Logitech Portable Lapdesk
Protects YOU from computer heat

Targus Lap Chill Mat
Keeps you & your laptop cool

Targus Chill Hub XC for Laptops 13.3 Inches to 17 Inches AWE01US2 (Black)
(As in “hubby?”)

Xpad (Non-slip Laptop Cooler and Heatshield)
Cool your laptop & protect your lap

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