Travel Tips to Reduce Back Pain

Traveling puts a tremendous amount of pressure on our bodies. If our spine is already fragile, unprotected travel can ruin our trip and weeks to follow.


Here are some travel tips from Relax the Back:

Car seats generally put your body in an awkward posture that will lead to pain. In addition, arm, neck and shoulder strain can occur from the driver reaching forward.

A lumbar support fits the inward curve of the low back to provide support and align the spine.

A seat cushion is thicker in the back than in the front and will raise the hips to reduce strain.

Allow time for regular stretch breaks when traveling. Movement stimulates blood flow, which helps muscles from feeling stiff and sore.

Sitting on a plane can add strain to the low back and neck. It also decreases our body’s circulation.

Inflatable lumber supports can also help with spinal alignment, and can be rolled up for easy transport.

Special neck supports are available to better support the neck and chin when sleeping upright.

Your body needs as much, if not more, rest when traveling as it does normally. You can reduce neck strain from sleeping on an unfamiliar pillow by bringing your own. Once you own a properly fitted pillow, any other will put a considerable amount of strain on your neck—even if it is only a couple of nights.

Custom fit travel pillows are available and recommended for your trip.

Consider bringing some type of small massage tool for temporary relief from muscular tension associated with travel.

When making travel plans, remember that your spine needs time to relax and adjust, too. You want to enjoy your trip and not return home with an aching back. At Relax The Back we carry all of the outstanding travel companions mentioned. We offer a 30-day trial on most products. Safe travels.

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