5 Ways for the Weight to “Fall” Off

Who has time to exercise with a seasonal to-do list that stretches through December?

We’re here to help you feel better about skipping the workout—here’s a general idea of the calories you’re burning while you work and play this fall:

Raking the lawn—The calorie count varies depending on the source, so we’re going with the biggest number we could find—Caloriescount.about.com says a 150-pound person burns almost 300 calories an hour raking leaves.

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Touch football—Re-enacting “The Big Chill” this weekend with your college buddies? That half-time touch football game will burn about 140 calories if you stick to a full hour of game time. (dietbites.com)

Foodie alert: It’s not a real touch football game until someone breaks out the tailgate gear. We’ve got 6 great sandwiches to try! (Sure, this is all about burning calories, but you have to eat at some point!)

Planting bulbs—No pain, no gain … if you want fabulous spring color, you have to put the work in now. You can take solace in the fact you’re burning 340 calories an hour doing light gardening. (everydayhealth.com)

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Hiking (cross-country)—If a fall color tour is in the works, plan to push your partner for a serious workout. Make it a really active walk, and you can burn more than 425 calories an hour. (Self.com)

Need a place to take a walk? Challenge yourself this fall to the walking path on Geneva Lake. It makes for spectacular fall color and serious sight-seeing.

Organizing the closet—Switching up the swimsuits and beach towels for winter coats and Wellies? Organizing your closet burns 230 calories per hour. (ivillage.com)

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