Top 5 Beauty Complaints—and Solutions!

Beauty is pain, right?

It doesn’t have to be—here are five big beauty complaints, and how to solve them.

Complaint: Makeup that “disappears” after just a few hours
Solution: For women who need coverage that lasts all day, the technology behind long-wear makeup has improved greatly and lives up to its promise. Another secret to sustaining a flawless face is layering. In your palm, mix a penny-sized amount of up to three of your favorite products (foundation, tinted moisturizer and primer) and apply to your entire face, just like you would your daily face cream. The combination of ingredients helps your look last longer. Look for makeup or tinted moisturizers that contain minerals and SPF.

Products to try:

Complaint: Hair that goes flat by mid-morning
Solution: If there was one silver bullet product that guaranteed lustrous locks that last, we would all be using it. Moms especially will attest that their hair just isn’t the same post-kids. So while there is no magic solution, there are a few easy tricks that help hold your look longer.

  • The old age-old practice of blow-drying your hair upside-down is still one of the best ways to boost volume.
  • While it’s tempting to pile on the products, less is more. For example, if you use a volumizing shampoo and conditioner, go easy on the styling products.

Conversely, if you use a clarifying or dandruff shampoo you’ll want to use a good leave-in product (whether you blow dry or not)

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Complaint: Flaky Feet and Elbows
Solution: The best thing you can do for your feet and elbows is to stop ignoring them. Regular pedicures are the best way to keep your feet and toes supple and flake-free, especially during sandal season. At home, try these tricks:

  • Invest in a good body scrub, preferably one that contains natural moisturizers and either sea salt or sugar—and use it regularly!
  • Another age-old trick that still works is to massage an emollient into your feet and then sleep in socks.

Products to try:

  • Soap and Glory’s Flake Away Body Exfoliator smells good enough to eat, with the added benefit of scrubbing salts and sugars, shea butter, peach seed and almond oil. Another age-old trick that still works is to massage a good emollient into your feet and then sleep in socks.
  • Aquaphor (at drugstores) is especially effective on cracked heels and dry elbows.

Complaint: Lipstick Bleed (a.k.a. “The Joker”)
Solution: A fruit-punch mustache might be cute on kids, but there is nothing sexy about smeared lipstick. An easy fix? Tone down your shade by going neutral during the sweaty summer months to minimize the risk of lipstick melt. Or, skip the lipstick altogether and go with a high-powered gloss with a little stickiness so it stays put.

Products to try:

  • Butter London’s new long-wearing, lacquer-like LIPPY glosses come in fun shades such as Trout Pout and Yummy Mummy with no smudging.

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Manicures that last less than a week
Solution: You can pay more at your favorite salon for a no-chip manicure, but it’s going to cost you and removal is another salon visit. Instead, try these DIY tips for extending your regular manicure.

  • Be strategic about the color you choose. “Soft-hued metallic shades are great for masking chips, thanks to the micas in the formula, which have light-reflecting properties,” according to OPI spokesperson Kate Tatem. Tatem’s summertime picks: OPI Glitzerland or Cozu-Melted in the Sun.
  • Another way to make your mani last is to apply a generous amount of cuticle cream at night, which will soak in as you sleep and help curb your urge to pick and peel.

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