Side Plank, or “Vasisthasana”

Need a break from your ordinary sit-ups?


This move builds strength and balance while toning your arms, back and especially your obliques—those side ab muscles that we sometimes forget to work.

Your own body weight acts as resistance in this pose.

There are two lines of energy flowing: from the crown of your head to the soles of your feet, and from the grounded palm through your extended fingertips.

Beginning in a high plank, draw your feet together and flex your feet. Your thighs are touching, as are the inner edges of your feet.

Spin your heels to the right and sweep your left hand up toward the ceiling. Your lower hand should be directly under your shoulder and your upper hand is active. Your hips are stacked and everything is on the same plane, as if you’re leaning against a wall.

Use every muscle to lift your hips and create stability. If you lift through your hips and torso, you protect the lower wrist.

Keep your shoulders out of your ears and turn your gaze to your raised hand.

Modification: Lower your right knee to the ground.
Full Expression: Lift top leg and grip the left toe with your left peace fingers and extend your leg straight up.

About the Instructor: Cilla Stoll, Owner
Forever Om Yoga
Lake Forest
Cilla, who is certified by the Yoga Alliance, believes that yoga has a way of working not only your body but your breath and mind as well. Yoga is an ongoing process of development because you’re never “done” learning yoga. It’s a daily journey, both exciting and calming. Forever Om Yoga offers a wide array of classes for all levels.

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