How to Restore, Revive and Thrive in 2022

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The New Year is a time most people associate with reflection, reinvention and, most importantly, resolutions. Each year, there is one resolution that tops most people’s lists — “Be my best self,” whether that entails getting organized, reading more or making healthier choices. Below, find our comprehensive guide to all things health and wellness to get you started on the new year.

Skip the Cleanse and Add These 7 Natural Detox Foods to Your Diet Instead

Advertisements for liver detox products and kidney cleanses are prevalent this time of year, and they might even pique your attention. Wellness resolutions are top of mind, especially after an indulgent holiday season compounded by months in quarantine, which may have led to some unhealthy habits. (Comfort cooking, quarantine snacking, imbibing at virtual happy hours, to name a few).

But, healthy-eating experts say you don’t need any special potions that promise weight loss or funky concoctions that make bold detox claims. In fact, they recommend against these types of cleansing products that claim to be cure-alls for overindulgence. A healthier alternative is to scale back on sugar and processed foods, and focus on eating whole foods to help your body run its natural detoxification process by using nutrients from your diet.

Raden Wellness

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Whether you’re searching for a solution to chronic fatigue, looking to lose weight or want to give your immune system a boost, IV therapy can help. Raden Wellness, a progressive, functional medical practice in Highwood, offers over a dozen different infusions to help patients achieve their health and wellness goals.

Raden Wellness’ modern, loft-like offices feature a full-service infusion center, which is staffed by highly qualified Registered Nurses.  Following an assessment of onsite lab testing and discussion of your health goals and concerns, you will receive the appropriate infusion, which can last between 15 – 90 minutes.   

“Only about 20% of nutrients taken orally are absorbed by the body,” explains co-founder Dr. Mara Raden.  “IV therapy provides 100% absorption and ensures your system is receiving the ideal levels of vitamins, minerals and amino acids needed to look, feel and perform at your best.”    

200 Green Bay Rd. #200 Highwood, IL 60040, (847) 235-2139

Medical Professionals Share Healthy Habits They Swear By — And a Few They Fail At

If you think health care professionals cultivate wellness every day, guess again. They have their healthy habits and areas where they come up short — just like the rest of us.

We asked a few what health habit they follow religiously and what they could do better. Here’s what they had to say.

‘The Hungry Book Club’ Brings Awareness to Food and Lifestyle Trends Impacting Mental Health

Chicago native, author, and globally recognized thought leader, Eve Turow-Paul is launching the Hungry Book Club, a free three-week series of conversations with esteemed guests where they will discuss the impact of anxiety, loneliness, and a search for purpose on food and lifestyle trends — past, present and future. 

11 Tech Leaders Making Waves in the Health, Wellness and Beauty Industry

Brandy Hoffman and Patricia Santos

Remember the days when speaking to a doctor by phone or video conference seemed too, well, remote?  Or when we almost always went to a salon to cover those roots? As the world around us shifted due to the pandemic, so did our relationship with technology, and leaders in the health, wellness and beauty industries, who had long imagined how we might use technology to improve or expand the consumer experience, were prepared. This inspiring group of business leaders — from small-scale entrepreneurs to well-known corporate leaders — have found ways to use technology to improve the consumer experience and to offer previously unimagined services. In some cases, these innovators’ businesses became more relevant and successful in the era of social distance. It is also of note that most of the leaders featured on this list are female — women striving to better serve women by launching products and services that previously did not exist. These entrepreneurs are disruptors in the disruptive world of new technology, using their personal experience, vision and expertise to respond to women’s needs and circumstances.

Be Kind to Your Mind: 10 Groups and Individuals Tear Down Mental Health Stigmas

There was a time, not long ago, when it was taboo to bring up mental health struggles. Individuals and families concealed their confusion, loneliness and terror in the face of debilitating and life-threatening mental illnesses. Over the past decade, thanks to prominent and impactful leaders who have stepped forward to openly share their personal stories and to dedicated professionals who bring awareness and treat those with mental differences, the stigma surrounding mental illness here in the United States has diminished and help is more widely available. Below we pay tribute to the courageous leaders and effective institutions who are breaking new ground in the conversation about and treatment of mental health issues. 

From Coffee to Alcohol, Adderall to Ambien: Disrupting Our Reliance on Stimulants and Sedatives—Naturally

Many Americans need a little help with transitions: a cup of coffee to wake up, a glass of wine to get social, some cannabis to wind down before sleeping. Often, it’s something a bit stronger: 16 million Americans rely on prescription stimulants to get productive in the morning, and 9 million turn to Ambien or other sleep aids to fall asleep. When it comes to meeting and recovering from a day’s whiplash-inducing demands on our energy, few of us do it without the help of some sort of substance.

The Best Eco-Friendly and Sustainable Activewear Brands to Keep You Moving in 2021

Many people are adding climate resolutions to their list along with the usual health and wellness resolutions—so why not combine the two? With endless options to work out at home now, including through local businesses, there’s no excuse not to take care of your body during our continued isolation this winter. And while you may not be hitting the gym this winter and spring, some slick new workout clothes can help motivate you to break a sweat. Not only do these sustainable activewear brands deliver good-for-you—and the earth—fitness wear, they help you look good while you’re burning off those holiday calories.

Could Poetry Help Benefit Your Mental Health?

The Poetry Foundation Names Naomi Shihab Nye the New Young People's Poet Laureate

Could a poem a day keep the doctor away? Psychology Today asked the question back in 2011, exploring poetry as an age-old remedy for mental illness. The author cited a study from the National Association for Poetry Therapy, a group that spotlights a second-century Greek physician who promoted personal growth in his clients through the written word. He was not unique; the healing powers of poetry have been used through the centuries. It has united people in peril and given lovers words that they couldn’t quite come up with themselves, and provided an outlet for tangled emotions. In these uncertain times, here are a few ways you can pursue personal growth through poetry.

7 Simple Steps to Achieve Self Care

Self Care

How can we care for ourselves and feel emotionally strong while remaining aware and acting compassionately in the face of other people’s suffering? This is an especially complicated question in unsettled times. Over the past years, we have collectively been through significant social upheaval in the face of the #metoo movement, the COVID-19 pandemic and the death of George Floyd and the resulting Black Lives Matter social justice movement.

Psychologist Kristin Neff, an Associate Professor of Educational Psychology is a preeminent researcher and speaker in a field of psychology called Self-Compassion. Neff has written numerous academic articles, book chapters, books and created a popular workshop series on the subject of Self-Compassion. She believes that the practice offers guidance in both accepting difficult circumstances and taking positive actions in the context of those difficult circumstances. Neff and colleague Chris Germer developed the notion of the “Yin and Yang” of Self-Compassion, based on the ancient Chinese concepts of yin, a more passive, internal energy and yang, an active, more outwardly-focused energy.

Organizing Tips for a Multi-Tasking and Eco-Friendly Living Room

The verdict is in and big, sprawling houses are out — at least if you want to be energy efficient, that is. The Pew Research Center reports that while we’ve made some considerable energy gains since the 1970s, a lot of that progress has been lost to the bigger houses homeowners have favored in the intervening years.

That means going smaller could potentially have a big impact. But living in a tinier space doesn’t come without its unique challenges. Rooms here often have to do double or even triple duty, transforming from a living room into a dining area, home office and back again in the span of a single day. Of course, that’s nowhere near impossible — just ask any New Yorker. Multifunctional furniture and storage units, plus a few genius layout tips, can make even the most cramped spot sing. Many of these items are manufactured with environmentally-friendly materials, meaning your cozy home will be extra green as well. Take a look!

Tips, Inspiration and Resources to Help You Prioritize Your Emotional Well Being

Take some time to take care of yourself, and those around you. Here are a few ways to do so, according to health experts, and those who have struggled themselves.

Michael Fine Lost His Arm 10 Years Ago: Here’s His Advice For Facing Change With Courage

There are two questions I’m going to bet almost every single person is asking themselves these days: When is this awful pandemic going to end and how am I going to get through it?

The answer to the first one is, no one knows. But Michael Fine has advice for the second: If you have your breath, you have everything you need. “This is a change; a new normal that we are going to have to face,” he said. “If you can be comfortable with whatever it is and be filled with hope and faith, you are going to be OK no matter what.”

Fine knows all about change, and how painful, scary and devastating it can be. Ten years ago, the 52-year-old Glenview dad got into a devastating car accident in which his left arm was ripped off his shoulder, leaving him in chronic, debilitating pain to this day.

I sat down with Fine, an attorney turned yoga instructor who calls himself a “Transformation Facilitator,” to hear his powerful story of rock bottom to better-than-ever new normal, along with his thoughts for those struggling to cope with life during Coronavirus.

10 of the Best Physical and Mental Health Apps to Keep You Connected Right Now

Are you feeling anxious or stressed right now? You aren’t alone. Covid-19 and the uncertainty it brings is affecting everyone. But there are ways to ease your worry, even from home. Take advantage of the many ways you can connect with a therapist, meditate through a challenging time, monitor your sleep, and more with these 10 apps.

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